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Sewol toll update as of 3:30pm KST:
108 deaths
194 missing
174 rescued
Sewol toll update as of 9:00am KST:
93 deaths 
209 missing
174 rescued
Jindo and Ansan have been declared special disaster zones. Parents have asked rescuers to wrap up the mission this week, they just want the bodies of their loved ones back.
Experts have said that bodies begin to decompose within 72 hours in water with temperatures of 7 grades celcius, that’s roughly the temperature of the water over there.
3 of the bodies recovered are foreign, two Chinese and an 18 year old Russian student. 
The odds of finding anyone alive are not favorable. I’m still hoping for a miracle, still hoping that at least 1 person will make it out alive.

I havent been able to update you about the current situation in SK. My mobile connection is almost nonexistent.
But things have taken a turn for the worse. Death toll keeps going up. I really want to have good news for all of you. I’m trying to get the internet up and running here ASAP.

It’s past 3am PDT and I need to rest. 

I will be moving to a new place tomorrow (more like in a few hours) so I won’t have immediate access to the internet. However, I will still be on mobile and will continue to update on the Sewol ferry toll. 

I will be updating one time in about 4 hours (before I hit the road) and then periodically from my mobile. I really hope to wake up to good news and not have to keep updating you with increasing death tolls.  

Please keep praying for the victims, their families, friends, the rescue team and all the volunteers who are helping right now. 

Also, if you can make a donation please do it, they need all the support they can get right now. 

I’m screaming, and jumping, and crying all at the same time! 

My friend who was on the ferry and whom I was unable to reach for the past 4 days has finally gotten in touch with me! I am so happy I can’t even describe how I’m feeling. He was one of the 174 who were rescued and just recently had access to his mobile phone again. 

I really wish everyone who is waiting right now could receive good news about their loved ones who are missing. 

Outburst of anger #Sewol ferry family members (with images, tweets) · wjsfree

This article is describing what is really going on in South Korea right now. Relatives of the victims are mad and want to meet with the President but they are being blocked and treated like criminals. Even the news stopped broadcasting about the Sewol ferry. Parents are angry at the lack of professionalism with which the situation has been handled. It seems like the Korean government has purposefully delayed the rescue efforts by not allowing private divers and foreign countries to help with the rescue. Please take a minute to read this and spread the word. We cannot physically be there to help but, at least, we can help them show the world what is really going on. 

It has just been announced that Navy Sergeant Yoon passed away Saturday night due to brain injuries he sustained while trying to help with the rescue mission on Wednesday. 

Another hero has been lost. He lost his life as a result of trying to help the victims of the ferry disaster. 

RIP Sergeant Yoon 

My prayers and gratitude go out to everyone who helped and are still helping. Those who sacrificed their lives and still risk them now while trying to find those who are still missing. 

Sewol toll update as of 11:50am KST: 
50 deaths 
252 missing 
174 rescued 
It has been more than 4 days since the ferry capsized (98 hours). Officials have announced that it is very likely the death toll will keep going up as divers have gained better access into the ferry. Hopes of finding any survivors are fading rapidly. 
Relatives of those trapped inside the ferry have expressed they “just want the bodies out”. 

The numbers keep changing due to the lack of accuracy of the coast guard and the govt. I will not be amending/editing any previous updates on the toll I posted right now. I will wait a couple more hours to make necessary adjustments. 

If you cannot find news about what’s currently going on in English or any other foreign language do not feel left out. There hasn’t been much news out other than the bodies recovered. The Korean news are not much better. Knowing Korean or having someone in Korea telling you what the news say is not much different from relaying on what you can find online. 

Please be patient and don’t lose hope. Please keep praying for those who are still stuck inside the ferry, those who have already passed, the families, friends, and everyone who has been affected by this tragedy. 

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What a coincidence! Me too! 
We are in the same time zone…which means you truly are a creature of the early hours of the morning. 

It is 3:00pm KST and the official sewol toll has not changed. It feels like it has remained like that for an eternity. 
At this point the total number of casualties (unofficial) is 33, counting the VP and the 3 bodies that were seen by the divers almost 10 hours ago. They have not been added to the official toll because they have not been able to retrieve their bodies. It was speculated that if those in charge of the rescue would have been faster those 3 people could have been rescued alive. I know those precious lives cannot be returned but I really want the divers to get them out. I really want them to hurry and get them out of the cold water and darkness they are in right now. I want their families to have them so that they can, at the very least, mourn them and know where their loved ones are. Alive or not I want them to bring them home, and that is for every one of the 273 that are missing. 
It is so frustrating to think that so many people are working on the rescue yet they have not been able to get anyone out of the ferry. It is so heartbreaking to imagine what those 273 people have been going through for the last 78 hours. I’m hoping for a miracle right now. I am clinging to the hope that there are survivors inside the ferry. I just want all of them back home. 
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